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History of Law in Atlanta

Fulton County’s first courthouse was constructed of strewn logs in Lewiston in 1823. A second courthouse, (pictured) was built in 1838 and served until it was destroyed by fire.

Welcome to the 1890s and before

Banks, railroads, insurance companies and utilities were lawyers’ sources for business in Atlanta when the Fulton County Daily Report began in 1890 as a single-page handwritten listing of court calendars and real estate transactions.

Just two years earlier, the Atlanta Bar Association had formed, adopting at its second meeting a minimum fee schedule for legal services that included $5 for drafting a lease or mortgage; $15 for real estate foreclosures, wills, deeds of trust or written opinions; $20 to prepare an appeal to the Supreme Court; and $25 for a divorce. At the time, there were 175 lawyers listed in the city directory.